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Story of YGC Travel

There are thousands of travel agencies in Korea. However, most agencies are providing ready-made tour packages and schedules which are suitable for group tours. Where can I find an agency that provides the right service based on the customer’s needs and requests? It was not an easy job to find the agency that I had pictured in my mind. This led to the thought, “How about establishing the agency that I had dreamed of?” and this is how YGC KOREA TRAVEL began.

YGC KOREA TRAVEL is founded by people who are concerned about what can be the best tour service for customers. YGC members love Korea’s history, culture, nature and are deeply impressed with each places showing its unique charm of four different seasons.

We pondered on how we can deliver the charms of Korea to customers and this is how each and every YGC’s itineraries and services are made.

Below, you can learn more about YGC’s strengths:

1. We do NOT include any compulsory shopping stops which can hinder customers fully absorbing Korea’s charm. Many Travel Agencies force customers to visit shopping stops which customers do not wish. Regardless of how good the product quality is, we believe that it degrades the quality of tour by wasting customers’ precious time, especially when customers are not interested in these compulsory shopping stops.

2. Our company offer a 24-hour service to respond to any emergency during or before the trip.

3. We are Private Tour Specialists suitable for families accompanying children or elderly people. YGC KOREA TRAVEL is focused on only Private tours. We do not provide Join Group Tours or Seat in Coach Tours.

4. We have No Ready-made Package. We insist on providing Tailor-made itineraries for every customer. Everyone is different and so should tour itinerary. When customers contact us, Tour dates, tour duration, preferences and tour members are never the same. This is why we do not provide ready-made packages. We believe that the top priority is to consult each customer for their preferences and provide a tailor-made itinerary made just for this customer despite the fact that it can take a little more time than ready-made packages. Trust us. Your tour satisfaction will be much greater than joining seat in coach tours. *Tour itineraries you see on our homepage is to help you get ideas for your Korea tour and it can be modified to your own taste.

5. We have NO Hidden Cost in our quotation. Here in YGC, there are no hidden costs such as compulsory tip or compulsory optional tours.

6. We try to provide a reasonable price to customers. We are able to provide a reasonable price to customers by not having any sub-agencies in between. We have tour guides who directly belong to YGC to minimize the commission fee.

7. We recommend itineraries that are thoroughly inspected and proven. As the most delicious fruits are seasonal fruits, we believe that customers should is it places suitable for their visiting period. When making the itinerary, we have a tour route in mind so that customers can save time and visit each place efficiently.

- YGC Korea Travel CEO Ho Gyoeng Kim (Nell Kim) -