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Are you searching for a perfect place to visit in Autumn?

Here are our recommendations for you. If you are interested in visiting some of the places, please let us know. We are happy to recommend a suitable itinerary for you.

Sky Park

Period: 10 October ~ 31 October (this period is subject to change)
Location: Seoul

Sky Park is an easy-to-go park around the city center, where citizens can relax in their busy daily life in Seoul. You can see silver grass, Kochia, and Pink Muhly Grass in this season.

Mt. Seorak

Period: 15 October ~ 10 November (this period is subject to change)
Location: Gangwon

Mt. Seorak is not only Korea’s third-highest mountain, but it’s also the most beautiful one. There are so many colors to capture in the picturesque beauty of the Mt. Seorak, especially in the fall season.

Saebyeol oreum

Period: October ~ November (this period is subject to change)
Location: Jeju

The whole southern island of Jeju seems to be a huge eulalia field at this time of the year. Saebyeol Oreum is one of the most famous spots to enjoy the autumn scenery. The volcanic cone gets its name from the fact that it stands along with the morning star under the evening sky.

Hwadam Botanic Garden

Period: 1 November ~ 17 November (this period is subject to change)
Location: Gyeonggi

Hwadam Botanic Garden is an eco-friendly arboretum. Approximately 4,300 types of exquisite and domestic plants form a forest park which is divided into 17 themes. you can also ride an eco-friendly monorail